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What Makes You An Expert On Affairs Of The Heart?


What Makes You An Expert On Affairs Of The Heart?

When you walk down the aisle to say, “I do” in front of a chapel filled with your parents and your in-laws friends the idea is to become “one” with your spouse. Not “two”, “three” or “four” but “one”. By loving someone enough to make them your spouse you’re telling the world that this person means more than just a title to you, this person is the one that you’re committed to for the rest of your life.

You should never stop being your true self once you get married but marriage should bring out the best in you and make you a better version of your previous self, at least that’s the idea.

Yesterday, while watching television I felt compelled to watch Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s. It was probably an old episode but I watched anyway because it was new to me.

*Disclosure Statement* I LOVE reality television. I talk about messages of empowerment and self-love and although reality TV is empowerment’s evil step sister, something about her intrigues me and keeps me coming back for more.

Now where was I…….Oh yeah, so I was watching Kim, Khloe and Kourtney on the television yesterday afternoon. Kim and Kourtney were chastising Khloe for becoming an “Odom” and not coming around the family as often as she did before getting married. For a minute I thought the two older sisters had gotten the best of Khloe so I started to speak on Khloe’s behalf (as if she could hear me) while sitting on my couch.

I shouted comments like, “But that’s what marriage is about” and “Kim, how dare you give this woman advice on marriage……”

Before I could finish my third comment, Khloe struck back and said the exact same things I was saying about her sisters and their opinions.

Good for Khloe!!

I cram to understand how some people can give others advice on cleaning their yards when they don’t even own a weed wacker and their grass is knee high.

Are they in denial of their own situations or do the rules that apply to others not apply to them. Nonetheless, once you’ve gone through a situation and survived all that life has to offer it’s wise to look within. Conduct an internal analysis and figure out what your role was in the demise of your relationship. Not only will this allow you to enter another happy and “healthy” relationship, but you’re also less likely to hand out mis-information and bogus advice when speaking with others.

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