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Own Your Beauty…..It’s Yours!


Own Your Beauty…..It’s Yours!

We all know the impact that the media has on today’s society. From television shows, commercial and fashion magazines, we are constantly being fed a standard of what is considered “beautiful”. By definition we know that beauty is something that brings deep pleasure and satisfaction to the spirit and the mind but everyone perceives beauty differently; therefore the old cliché “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is most prevalent here.

The problem that I find today is that everyone is boxed into this certain “look”; fat, skinny, light, dark, old, young, etc. Fashion magazines tend to capitalize on plus sized women by using models as part of a body issue & older women as a way to sell skin cream etc. It is wonderful when we are promoting self love and awareness but sometimes the message gets lost in all of it. Why can’t they just be in the magazine exhibiting confidence and sharing it with the youth of today? Feeling good in the skin you are in regardless of anyone else’s opinion is something that we all owe to ourselves regardless of what we look like because we are all beautifully unique but it is easy to get caught up at times with the cookie-cutter image of what beauty is.

We know that for a while the models we were seeing in magazines and on runway were only stick thin and there was no way you would ever see a thick, curvy woman walking the runway but now we are seeing all shapes and sizes more and more and I am thankful to everyone that has a part in making a difference. I could list names here but I am sure that I will leave someone out but you know who you are. I extend a heartfelt thank you for those working so hard to make a difference in the world we live in and also for making it better for the future ladies and even gentlemen that have body or self esteem issues. We live in a photoshop world but we don’t come in photoshop in person! No matter how much makeup and designer clothes you put on if you can’t look at yourself raw and accept it, you will always be limiting your inherent potential and ability to change lives just by loving yourself. The important thing is that no matter what, you remember that what makes you beautiful is not what others think of you but what you think of yourself. There is power in knowing that, the confidence that comes with it allows you to step out on faith and do the unimaginable simply because you break the limitations that you may have set up for yourself in your own mind. It is up to you to own it and share it with the world for you make a difference!

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