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Your Guide For Attending Summer Concerts & Events In Stye


Your Guide For Attending Summer Concerts & Events In Stye

Planning on going to festivals, concerts or fairs this summer?  We have put together the best guide on attending summer events in style.

Buy tickets as soon as they go on sale.

This guarantees you a decent seat. Research afterevents. Find out if any of the performers are having an afterparty and if need be buy tickets for that as well. Try to get on the guest list if there are no advance ticket sales.


Dress comfortably but hot. Consider what type of concert you’re going to attend. Short skirts and tiny tees are a definite no because remember that comfort is key in this situation. You obviously want to look fantastic but if you’re uncomfortable, looking great won’t even matter. Sweaters are a no unless you’re sure you’ll stay cool.  Outdoor concerts obviously call for warmer dress. Layers work as while it’s hot inside the venue, it’s likely cooler outside and cold as you exit later on. Darker colours are good to hide sweat stains (be them your own or someone else’s) as well as drink spills.

Floor seats and stilettos usually don’t mix, especially if it’s general admission

The fact that you’re not a rowdy person doesn’t mean everyone around you won’t be one either. Don’t choose a concert night to break in a new pair of shoes or you’ll spend the whole night wishing you hadn’t. Flats, sneakers, and wedges are usually the most comfortable, while boots can get hot and flip flops can result in stepped-on toes. Wearing shoes you’re already used to is always going to be your best bet. Remember that you’re going to be on your feet for at least two hours, likely closer to three or four.

When applying makeup, go light on foundation and moisturizer and heavy on colour

Smudge proof and waterproof formulas are going to be your best bet. Since it’s hot your makeup can end up sliding down your face, so bring along a powder compact for intermission touch ups. Keep in mind that concerts are an event, not just another night out, so fake eyelashes, heavy eyeliner, shimmery powder and bright colours are all go. Plus, heavy makeup shows up better in pictures and will last longer.

As far as hair goes, go big and messy

Your hair’s going to end up this way anyway, so you may as well make it look like that’s what you were aiming for. Pack along some extra bobby pins and hair elastics as well. You’ll likely want them at some point. Getting hair up and off your forehead early on is a good idea, otherwise you’ll have gross greasy strands in front. Pack hairspray along as well, even just a travel size. If your hair starts to look gross, making it bigger always makes it better.

Have dinner before you arrive

Hot dogs at the concert never look hot, and you’ll feel better through the show if you’ve had a real dinner.

If you booked a hotel, check into it before the concert

You can even save getting ready until you’re in the room. Bring a CD player and drinks and get the party started! Make sure you have drinks and snacks for afterwards if you plan to stay there, everything will be closed when the concert’s over.

If you want to arrive in style, rent a limo or take a sweet ride

Premier parking if often worth the extra $20 as it gets you out of parking faster later on and everyone will look at you.

Take lots and lots of pictures

Since it’s dark half of them may not turn out anyway. Take more pictures of yourself and your friends because those will likely turn out better than stage shots.

Enjoy your time there

Take a moment to realize just where you are and what you’re doing and revel in it. Unlike movies or another night at the bar, every concert is one of a kind so make the most of it.

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