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Celebrate Independence Day with ACTIVATE

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Celebrate Independence Day with ACTIVATE

This year, do your patriotic duty for your body and celebrate with a cocktail that won’t dampen your celebration with unnecessary sugar and calories.  Free of sugar and calories and naturally sweetened with Stevia, ACTIVATE drinks are also packed with vitamins and antioxidants.

Below is a recipe for a Red, White and Blue(berry) cocktail that is packed with taste, antioxidants and vitamins instead of calories!

Red, White and Blue(berry) POMtini

  • Red: Garnish with Fresh Berries – save until the end
  • White: 1 oz. Premium Vodka
  • Blue: 3 oz. Blueberry POM ACTIVATE
  • Float/topping of Champagne
  • Squeeze of Fresh Lime Juice

Pour into a martini glass and ENJOY!

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