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The Benefits of Teaching Your Family To Cook

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The Benefits of Teaching Your Family To Cook

I have a large family, four children, the hubby, a dog & a cat. I love cooking and it helps me relax after a long day. There are times when my career agenda conflicts with my 9-5. I have a regular job and then I do my modeling, writing, etc.

My husband knew how to cook a little something, something when we first met. Through the years I have taught him and he is an excellent cook and a huge help when I just cannot make it home to prepare dinner. He also happens to work full-time and he is a manager of a very busy store. The last few years we have both been hard at work and nowhere near home to cook dinner.

I started teaching my boys to cook from the early ages of 9. I began with small things like boiling eggs, pasta, frying up hotdogs, etc. First rule is to always have supervision. Here is a picture of my youngest son Roman, cooking. He is 12 now and he cooks all the time, he has been cooking for three years. He can now make baked ham, and even bake a whole turkey. He actually wants to be a chef. My oldest sons Devin (16) & Anthony (19) always watch him while he cooks just a precaution I like to enforce.

They love helping out and feeling the rewards of everyone enjoying their dishes. We take turns, one day of the week we all cook. Sometimes they come up with some new dishes and quite tasty if I may add.

It also brings us closer as a family. More importantly, I am teaching them to fend for themselves. One day they will also have their own family and they can pass on some of our own family recipes.

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