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Do Fat Women Want Fat Babies?


Do Fat Women Want Fat Babies?

According to a recent study, overweight moms tend to think their overweight toddlers are not overweight and/or they want them to be bigger. The article published on Yahoo News says that the study suggests that parents are trying to fatten up their toddlers. My problem with the article and study is that it doesn’t seek to find out why or where these moms are getting their ideal size for their toddlers from. As a parent of a toddler, from birth I’ve always been told not to worry about her weight or “chubby-ness” because at different grow spurts they tend to stop putting on as much weight, they start to grow upward, etc. Every doctor’s visit I’m shown the growth chart and what percentile she’s in and what that means. Are other doctors not doing this?

I, am obese, and the last thing I would want is for my daughter to have the same childhood I had. I was constantly teased for my weight. The study also doesn’t take into consideration the #1 issue any parent of a toddler has – the picky eater syndrome. I find it very hard to fatten Jade up because half the time she doesn’t eat. Now, that doesn’t take any responsibility from me as the parent to make sure that when she does eat she is getting nutricious foods instead of fast food junk.

They make it sound like the country’s obesity issue is making us not realize the issues with our children and their weight much like when they say violent video games are de-senatizing our kids to violent actions. The difference is the parents buy the video games, but whether you have Medicaid or private insurance you are taking your toddler to a doctor. What information is that doctor giving you about your toddler? Are they saying the weight is a concern and we’re just shrugging it off and doing what we want? Or are there some pediatricians that aren’t being completely honest with overweight Jane that Janie is overweight and it could translate to future issues?  I’m just a little tired of overweight women being blamed for everything without proper examination of all the factors.

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