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Showing Skin Like A True DIVA!


Showing Skin Like A True DIVA!

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Summer is quickly approaching, which gives us a chance to show a little skin when sporting our trendiest outfits! However, keep in mind there is a thin line between sexy and skanky when taking on this challenge. Here is a full body guide to showing some skin, the RIGHT way!


There is nothing sexier than wearing an off the shoulder tunic to reveal a peek of your skin. Since it’s spring, opt for a bold color tunic or blouse that will get you noticed and pair it with some leggings or your fave pair of skinny jeans.


One shoulder dresses have quickly become the hottest trend in fashion. The best thing about theses dresses is that you can find casual and formal dresses in this cut. For casual, look for a dress with a floral or fun design. For a more formal look, solid colors are the best with exaggerated accessories i.e. cocktail rings or chandelier earrings.

The Girls

OK, so as ladies, we all have our outfits that make sure the girls are in full view. Most women don’t really need to know how to show great cleavage but just keep these things in mind. Make sure you are wearing an appropriate bra. If you want to show some cleavage, make sure the cleavage is worth showing! Make sure you avoid the girls from being droopy, going in opposite directions, or spilling over. And please ladies, be sure that what you are showing is sexy AND appropriate. Nipple slips are for increased PR for celebrities, not for a classy diva. Since the top you are wearing is already a show for the girls, don’t go overboard with a top/dress that may be overpowering because of loud designs or colors.


Bare backs have really started to become a popular trend. Usually we only think about wearing tops with V-necks in the front, but letting your back get a little more attention can be quite sexy. Women these days are wearing dresses with plunging back lines and allowing the skin that gets the least attention, come to the forefront! Another great thing about back cleavage is that it’s always a surprise. From the front you may look conservative but once you turn around, BAM! A nice back line that shows off the perfect amount of skin. Nothing is sexier than the element of surprise. Next time you’re shopping, look for a top that plunges just enough to show your beautiful back-side or even tops that are of a lace or see-through fabric.


Invoke your inner Tina Turner and let your legs steal the show. There are so many sexy ways you can show off your legs and really work an outfit. Be sure to wear your best skirt, shorts or even skinny jeans to make sure your legs command the most attention. No matter which leg-enhancing clothing you decide to wear, pairing it with a great pair of pumps will always do you justice! Not only will wearing pumps elongate those beautiful stems but it will also add an extra switch in your strut!

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