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Tips For The Fashion Addicted…Budget Restricted Soul

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Tips For The Fashion Addicted…Budget Restricted Soul

I am a woman with a fashionista soul and a cheapista budget. Living check to check however, does not mean giving up three square meals a day in the name of style. It simply means either working clothes into your budget or finding an alternative to your high end infatuation.

Picture this, Atlanta, 2010, a 20-something year old stylish chick, in need of something to wear for a night out on the town is confronted by a very harsh reality…funds are low and rent is due. Never fear my broke stylish maiden…there’s beauty in faking it until you make it (or until you get your next paycheck…whichever comes first).

Before setting a stiletto clad foot out the door, visit the boutique that is located within the comforts of your very own home. That’s right…your closet(s). Every fashion conscious woman should know that the first law of shopping is purchasing separates that can be worn with anything! If you do not own a pair of simple black pants, a black skirt, and a black or white cotton shirt…stop the madness! Please do not pass go and do not collect $200! The beauty of separates is that if you mix them just right, they will always look like a brand new outfit. It is all in how you accessorize!

If you must have your store bell jingle fix, consider skipping the mall highways for the big box byways. Parles-vous le Target? The Neiman-Marcus of one stop shop is also home to some of today’s trendiest and more importantly, budget friendly fashions for every type of woman…the young buppie, the ultra chic B.A.P., and the chillaxin homegirl. From Mossimo to Liz Lange and guest appearances by international designers such as Paul & Joe, Target makes style on a budget a reality. But then again my true fashionistas can make anything look like a million bucks.

Other glam tips for those on a less than fabulous budget:

  • Can’t feed your high end make-up craving, H.I.P. by L’oreal gives the same great pigments as those other guys, for half the price. Lines such as the Cover Girl Queen Collection, Maybelline, and Rimmel are also a great remedy for your makeup counter blues.
  • Remember its quality not quantity. Is it really cost effective to be purchasing the same piece over and over again because it won’t stand up after the first wash?
  • Always take a pre-written shopping list. Hopefully it will make the quick stop…a quick shop.
  • Be real with yourself, is it more important to have running water or the latest kicks? Knowing and Committing to your budget is paramount.
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