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Special K Features Plus Sized Women In New UK Campaign


Special K Features Plus Sized Women In New UK Campaign

More and more “real women” are being used to sell and market products which completely contradicts the notion that women don’t want to see images of themselves on television and in media. When I make reference to the term, “Real” I’m not speaking in terms of size, I’m talking about women who don’t model professionally or who aren’t celebrities; women like you and I, however many of the women featured with the “real” label attached are  plus size women as well.

Special K is the latest brand to enlist the help of plus sized women to encourage a more positive attitude to bigger body sizes in their UK campaign.

By using women with BMI’s ranging from 18.5 and 29, Special K wants to encourage women to think about the positives they will gain when they lose weight, rather than just focusing on what they look like or what size they are.

The new campaign shows women getting on giant scales in London’s Covent Garden. Instead of the scales flashing the women’s weight, words pop up like “amazing,” “happy,” and “glowing.” The ad also poses the question, “What if we stopped focusing on what we want to lose and focused on what we want to gain?”

According to Jezebel, The “What will you gain when you lose” tag isn’t actually new  and was originally launched in January 2011 in the U.S. with the same name.

Katie McNeil, a mother of two were one of the women to be selected off the street for the advertisement. “It was really exciting to be asked to feature in this latest Special K ad – especially as it was totally unexpected as I was out shopping”, she said. She continued, “I think it’s really inspiring to see more realistic women and body sizes instead of size 8 models all the time in advertising, which is why I was delighted to take part. Losing weight for me is about feeling great whatever size or weight I am and this campaign sums that up perfectly.”

To view the full commercial visit Daily Mail.

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