Pink Hair Anyone? Give Chalking A Try

The pink hair trend is still going strong in Hollywood. Have you seen Nicole Richie’s new dip-dyed pink tips? She revealed her new hot pink color on Tuesday, posting on her blog as well as her Twitter page with the caption “Tickled Pink!” Nicole is now among a growing group of stars brightening their hair with vibrant, eye-catching color. January Jones, Ashley Tisdale and Lauren Conrad, all tried out the trend earlier this year.

Looking to get a similar pop of color for Summer? Try out these temporary options at home with Streekers ($11.95 at to make an impact with trend setting streaks that wash out the next day or if you want a dip-dyed look like Nicole, reach for hair chalk. Check out the chalking tips from Edward Tricomi, co-owner of Warren-Tricomi Salons below!

Get The Look At Home: Dip-Dyed Ends With Hair Chalk

Chalking is a technique Edward Tricomi, celebrity stylist and co-owner of Warren-Tricomi salons is quite familiar with. Edward believes chalking is great for a special look, totally safe and easy to try at home. He suggests you choose colors that stand out against the existing haircolor. “I prefer dominant colors because they pop,” he shares.

  • Wet your pastel chalk and twist the hair as you apply directly onto the sections you want colored. The texture from twisting makes the chalk release more pigment.
  • If you are a blonde, be wary of wetting the chalk first as it could deposit too much color and not wash out with one shampoo. Consider chalking without the water or test a small piece first to be sure.
  • Always brush the excess powder out after chalking each piece.
  • Finish with hairspray to secure the color.
  • Shampoo your hair with a clarifying shampoo after chalking.
  • Conditioning treatment is a must after you wash out your chalk. You must replenish the moisture that may get sucked out with chalking.

Another way to chalk hair is to drop a piece of chalk — the bigger the piece, the more vibrant the color — into a spray bottle of water and allow the chalk to break down completely. Then you can spray the pieces of hair you want colored.

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