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Feeling like a Celebrity….even when you aren’t….


Feeling like a Celebrity….even when you aren’t….

We don’t need the drama in magazines or people in our personal space. But who doesn’t want the ‘Celebrity’ life. The attention, the praise, the fortune and fame behind it all. Most important looking and feeling like one. Heck we all do!! We don’t need to spend thousands on ourselves or have a bodyguard to let our inner ‘Celebrity’ shine through.

The word ‘Celebrity’ reminds me of the word ‘Celebration’. To me it means celebration yourself, your voice, your looks, and showcasing your unique personality and talents.

You don’t have to break the bank to keep up the nails, pedicures, the fashion trends, etc. I have my ‘Olga’ jar. Every time I get paid I put money in there for me. But not just me, ‘The Celebrity Olga’. It could be as little as $20.00 I do it every pay week and when I have extra in there it goes. When I need to get my nails done for a red carpet event or I need something to treat myself in the ‘Olga’ jar I go!

I love myself and want to be the best that I can be. I want to mentor our younger generation. I want to have someone compliment me and my curves and here the sincerity in their voice. We are all special and knowing and accepting this is complete control and wisdom.

Search within yourself and find out what makes you that special ‘Celebrity’ unlike anyone else in the world. As for me, I believe my heart, the choices I make and how I carry myself make me into a very popular and adored ‘Celebrity’. My true passion is gardening and I feel like a ‘Celebrity’ gardener. Here is one of my creations my bird bath in my backyard.

Hoping you all enjoyed this feature and looking forward to your responses on how you channel your inner ‘Celebrity’.

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