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Natural Hair Blogger Gets A Custom Spring Style Makeover


Natural Hair Blogger Gets A Custom Spring Style Makeover

Being a natural haired diva isn’t as easy as you may think. First, is the decision to do the BC (Big Chop). Next, you have to get used to looking into the mirror and seeing yourself without the permed hair that you’re accustomed to. Last, is deciding how you’re going to style your hair. Just like anything else, wearing natural hair takes a major adjustment internally and externally, believe me, I know. When I’m not wearing wigs or weaves, I have a cute little fro. My hair is extremely kinky and I have major shrinkage so I’ve decided to continue wearing a weave until it grows out but blogger Monique Boea of has the length and thickness that I dream of.

Monique’s a proud naturalista who has embraced her coily-curly hair pattern since doing the Big Chop one morning with her husband’s shaver in 2009. “My husband gave me the encouragement I needed to toss my wig and let my natural curls rock out!” shared Monique.

After going natural Monique dealt with frizzy hair as a result of shampooing her hair once a month and daily co-washing (washing hair with conditioner instead of shampoo).

After a consultation with Design Essentials® stylist Monica Wynn, Monica designed a conditioning and style strategy to enhance Monique’s natural fierceness. Monica then created a funky, curly half-faux-hawk style that would provide longevity and sass to Monique’s ‘fro.

Check out the full 5-step makeover process that turned Monique’s signature curly fro into a stunning Spring updo.

Step 1: Cleanse the Hair
In order to prepare the hair to receive color, Monica used Design Essentials® Organic Cleanse Deep Cleansing Shampoo. She then followed with Design Essentials® Natural Curl Cleanser, a non-stripping cleanser, to infuse moisture back into the hair.

Step 2: Color treatment preparation
Monica combed through the hair with a large comb to ensure Monique’s curly coils were detangled in order for an easy color application.

Step 3: Application of Colaura® by Design Essentials® Color
Monica parted Monique’s hair in small sections and applied color 1/8in from the scalp. After placing a processing cap on her hair, Monica sat Monique under the dryer for 20 minutes while her color processed. She then rinsed the color out and towel-blotted the hair. “Demi-permanent color is good for gray coverage, as well as to condition and add moisture to the hair,” Monica shared. “This deep brown will help enhance Monique’s natural hair color and reflect more shine.”

Step 4: Condition
Monica created a custom-conditioning cocktail of both the Design Essentials® Natural Moisturizing Conditioner and Design Essentials® Express Instant Moisturizing Conditioner to deliver maximum moisture to Monique’s strands. She applied the conditioner evenly and put the processing cap on for 10 minutes, then rinsed the conditioner from the hair with lukewarm water.

Step 5: Style & Finishing
Monica towel dried the hair to remove excess water before applying styling products. She lightly applied HCO Leave-in conditioner evenly throughout Monique’s hair to help with detangling and loosening up the curl pattern in preparation for styling. She next applied Design Essentials® Natural Daily Moisturizing Lotion evenly throughout the hair and then began to prepare Monique’s hair for styling. Taking horizontal partings from the temple to the midway crown of Monique’s head, Monica began to create flat-twists on one side of Monique’s head. She applied Design Essentials® Natural Twist and Set Setting Lotion, combing it through to ensure detangling and saturation and began twisting with 2 pieces of hair flat against the scalp, one piece of hair over the other. Once Monica completed 6 flat twists, she began to set the remaining hair on flexi-rods. Taking small sections of the hair, Monica placed an end paper at the tip of hair to seal ends and wrapped the hair in a candy cane pattern around rod, bending the rod at the root to secure. Once she rolled all the hair, she placed Monique under the dryer for 40 minutes. Once hair was completely dry, Monica removed the flexi-rods and dabbed Design Essentials® Nutriment Rx Creme Hairdress on each section of hair as she separated the curls with her fingers in the same direction of the curl pattern formed with the flexi-rods for fullness. Monica caught the ends of the flat twists into an upsweep and secured with bobby pins. She finished the look with a light spray of Design Essentials® Diamond Oil Sheen Spray. For maintenance, Monica shared how Monique could extend the longevity of the style. “Re-twist your hair in big sections before going to bed at night and cover with a satin bonnet,” she advised.

The Finished Look!
Monique loved her new spring style and was ready to strut her stuff into summer thanks to her Design Essentials® makeover!

Photo Credit: Brainchild Associates

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