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Flirting Tips for the Shy Girl, Funny Girl and Rules for the Wing Woman!


Flirting Tips for the Shy Girl, Funny Girl and Rules for the Wing Woman!

Depending on your personality, when you’re out at the club with your girlfriends, everyone has a role to play.  Flirting and relationship expert Rachel DeAlto has provided some great flirting tips for the shy girl and funny girl as well as rules for the wing woman:

For the Shy Girl:

  • Don’t forget to smile and make eye contact- Even if you can’t imagine ever making the first move, you can speak a thousand words with your eyes and smile. See someone you are interested in? Make 3 seconds of eye contact with a smile and if he is interested he will make the approach – guaranteed!
  • Grab a wingwoman – Drop all of your attached or married friends (temporarily!) and grab your flirtiest and sexiest SINGLE friend possible to go out with you! You need someone who is going to help you start conversations with the cute guys out and about, not spend the night talking about mortgages and kids. You can go to brunch with them later.
  • Keep it light – If you are constantly stumped when trying to think of something to talk about, think of 2-3 light topics that you feel comfortable talking about. Whether its an upcoming concert you are going to, a restaurant you went to, or even the weather, make sure you have something in your head to chat about.
  • Fake it! Have a cocktail, just one, and let your nerves relax. After that practice practice practice! The more often you are smiling and making conversation, the more natural it will feel!

For the Funny Girl:

  • Funny is sexy – in moderation! You might be the next Wanda Sykes but you need to show both sides of your personality – the hysterical one liner dropper and the sexy fun flirt. Many “funny” women end up in the friend zone quickly if there isn’t a balance
  • Never make fun of him – Some of the easiest jokes are little “negs” at him but don’t do it! Men are more sensitive than you think and a bruised ego does not get you asked out to dinner.

Wing woman rules:

  • Must be single or an extremely flirty and fun attached woman
  • Must recognize her role is to help you! You get first choice, and she needs to play a supporting role
  • Make sure she knows you, your type, and when to come in and save you!
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