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Tips For Online Swimsuit Shopping


Tips For Online Swimsuit Shopping

Swim suit buying season is upon us! Between long lines, finding the right size, the discomfort of small fitting rooms and trying your suit on in front of strangers, we all dread it. But buying a swimsuit doesn’t have to be stressful…

Online shopping for swimsuits is becoming easier, cheaper, and better than shopping in stores thanks to free shipping offers, lenient return policies, wider selections, and new customer-friendly technologies, according to the online shopping experts at, dubbed “the Zagats of customer service” by CNBC.

As summer kicks into high gear, STELLAService published a list of tips for smarter swimsuit shopping, the best online retailers for swimsuits, and a chart of the return policies for leading swimsuit retailers on its Happy Customer blog. The tips include:

Look for free shipping and lenient return policies–Many retailers are offering free shipping and returns, in some cases it may make sense to order several suits and return the ones you don’t want for free.

Easy to read size charts – Retailers are doing a better job of providing detailed size charts these days. For example, offers a size chart for each brand that they carry.

Ask questions – Customer service representatives are well-trained in the product. And, if they don’t know the answer to the question, they’re often willing to reach out to the manufacturer to find the information you need.

Use the technology – Look for filters that allow you to sort by style, color, size and price to find the perfect product, such as Bloomingdales. Many retailers are also offering video so you can get a better sense of style and fits.

Take advantage of wide selection – Your choices are endless on the Web. Whether you’re looking for a modest swim dress or a skull and crossbones thong, you can Google your way to your ideal suit. Specialty retailers like offer hundreds of styles.

About the Author: STELLAService is an independent company that leverages a nationwide network of full-time mystery shoppers to evaluate the customer service of online retailers. Its research is regularly sourced by a wide range of media outlets including Bloomberg Television, Time, Aol, SmartMoney, and Consumerist.

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