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Hold On When You Feel Like Shutting Down


Hold On When You Feel Like Shutting Down

“I can’t, I won’t, I shant!!” The closest people to me know this is one of my favorite sayings! Basically when I’ve had enough, I’ve had enough! We’ve all been there. Those points in life where you just feel overwhelmed and you need a moment to just release. A time to get away and reflect. These are the moments when many of us give up. We walk away from projects or aspirations we’ve worked hard on and it seems there is no progress. You feel like you’ve failed. Your hard work, dedication and time feel wasted. You feel like walking away and shutting down.

When I was a young girl, I had a poster in my room of a kitten hanging on the end of the rope. It said “ Remember when you’ve come to the end of your rope, tie a knot!” I bought the poster because I just was in love with the kitten! Now as a grown woman, I truly appreciate the message! The greatest success stories have been achieved when people have continued on amongst insurmountable failures and let downs. Right when it seems it’s over, the tenacity to forge on allows us to win! Goals and achievements are hard work. It’s very difficult to stay on task and motivated when we see no results. But, staying in the race allows us to get to the finish line! You have to see your way to the end.

Live your life, your goals, and aspirations with no regrets! Being able to say you’ve tried and worked hard allows you the emotional freedom of Yes I Can! Giving up is a choice, but staying in the race is a NECESSITY!! I wish you all the best in love and in health!!! Shanda

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