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Everyday DIVA: Meet Jesika Jeune


Everyday DIVA: Meet Jesika Jeune

Our Everyday DIVA of the week is Jesika Jeune of Cambridge, MA. She’s an aspiring Fiercely Real Plus Size Model & Chief Financial Officer of Together Against Malaria (TAMTAM:

I am an Everyday DIVA because I am young woman that is Dedicated, Intelligent, Voluptuous, and Authentic. I’m a full-figured woman working full-time as an Accountant for nonprofits that serve my community and providing services to those less fortunate.

I wish that I could show the world a more fashionable and creative side of myself at work but accounting is very standardized and rigid. Due to the type of work I do I have to remain very professional and conservative with my attire so when I want to add a little flavor I choose brighter color pieces and I accessorize A WHOLE LOT.

Accessories definitely can turn an outfit from “alright” to WOWZER! For me the accessories make outfits a million times more interesting and noticeable the instant you step into a room.

Depending on my mood my personal style changes but above all I love mixing bright, bold prints and patterns.  My hands-down favorite print is leopard. I have so many leopard print pieces in my closet that it’s actually OUT OF CONTROL – even my earmuffs (for winter) and my pair of prescription glasses are leopard print. I just can’t get enough of it, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE leopard print!

I also love the fierce return of floral prints (especially the skirts), graphic prints, polka dots and stripes! It’s cool to mix up prints and patterns – I am not scared! The trick is to make sure the different prints are the same color scheme. Everything else must be neutral and not too dramatic so simple shoes and jewelry usually work great.

I do believe there is a time and place to wear certain attire—work vs. special occasions, for instance.  I strive to never constrain myself to a certain look or style, but rather gather what I like from all aspects of fashion: glam, preppy, chic, classic, elegant, etc., and allow myself to become inspired to create my own style.

I really enjoy fashion as a tool but fashions are constantly changing with season and style is timeless. So with that in mind, I say I have an open mind and I am flexible depending on the occasion.

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