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Curvy Teen, Ebony Heads To Prom With the Support of Friends & Family


Curvy Teen, Ebony Heads To Prom With the Support of Friends & Family

As we helped to get Ebony ready for prom I was reminded about the importance of going to prom. The sound of people coming in her house to see her off was getting louder and louder and I worked quickly and carefully ‘beating’ her face for her big night. The excitement was building and we could not wait until she was ready to walk down the stairs and make her grand entrance into the living room.

Prom is that one night in which all eyes will be on you and your date and you want to make sure your look and evening are memorable. Every family is different but it is not uncommon to have a pre-prom party where family and friends are invited to come and “see you off” before you go on your big night. For many, prom is the last time that you will be celebrating the end of your highschool days with your classmates and friends so do something different with your hair, try on a new lipstick, give yourself a pedicure and strut your stuff in confidence knowing that you look gorgeous! Take lots of pictures, smile a lot, laugh and have a good time. The night is what you make it!

We would love to see your past or present Prom photos! Send them to [email protected] and tell us about your Prom experience. 
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