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You Be The Stylist: Which Igigi Dress Should I Wear?


You Be The Stylist: Which Igigi Dress Should I Wear?

What a difference a year makes……..

Just last year the only dresses you would see me in were long and flowing. All I purchased were maxi dresses; black, multi colored and pastel maxi dresses. Now I’m in love with knee length dresses. It’s not that I’ve officially divorced maxi dresses, I’m just partial to shorter dresses and rightfully so, I am only 5’3″ and some maxi dresses have a tendency of swallowing me whole.

On Friday (in two days) I have a birthday party to attend and I don’t know what to wear. It’s between 3 dresses from Igigi.

Why Igigi?

I’m a long time supporter of the brand because they constantly appeal to the larger plus size woman. As a 22+ woman finding the “Perfect” dress would present a problem if it were not for brands such as Igigi.

Instead of deciding on which dress to wear alone, let’s have a little fun. Below are the dresses that I’m thinking about wearing. In the comment section tell me which dress I should wear and why. To be fair I will wear the dress that the majority decides on.

Plus Size O'Hara Dress in Purple


Plus Size Provence Dress in Olive


Plus Size Renata Dress in Deep Fuchsia

Thanks for being my stylists!

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