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Tyra Banks Supports Vogue’s Decision To Ban Unhealthy Models


Tyra Banks Supports Vogue’s Decision To Ban Unhealthy Models

Vogue shook up the modeling world when they announced that they would no longer employ models who are either knowingly under the age of 16 or who appear to have an eating disorder.

Well known and opinionated model Tyra Banks recently issued this open letter expressing her thoughts on Vogue’s game changing announcement. She also speaks on how she continues to encourage aspiring and working models in an industry where thin is typically in.

Here is an excerpt:

When I started modeling, I used to see models who seemed unhealthy backstage at fashion shows. They appeared to be abusing their bodies to maintain a certain weight. These girls were booked over and over again for countless fashion shows and photo shoots. I’m sure many of you today have witnessed this, or even live it. Now, real progress is finally on the horizon. Vogue is stepping up, doing the right thing, and protecting that girl. Perhaps that girl is you!

People get upset with you if you’re a very thin model. What many don’t know is that a certain sample size has been set by the industry, and you’re doing everything in your power to keep working. At times, I feel there’s an unspoken rule that says, “there’s no such thing as being too thin, as long as you don’t pass out.”

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