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15 Ways To Boost Your Self-Esteem


15 Ways To Boost Your Self-Esteem

Regardless of your size negative thoughts of your body tend to enter your mind from time to time. To celebrate you and your body, is hosting a 7-day intensive event, Love Your Body. Today’s post offers 15 tips on ways you can boost your self-esteem. The original article is authored by experts Linda DiBella & Nancy Lee Bentley

1. Stop comparing yourself to others. Everyone has something they wish they could change about their body. Wishing you had someone else’s thighs or curly hair or smile takes away from what is uniquely you. Accentuating the qualities you like will boost your spirits and minimize the things you don’t like. —Linda DiBella

2. Focus on what you have the power to change. Rather than spending your energy on wishing you were taller, redirect your focus on something you can change, like toning up with a yoga or pilates class, or honing one of your talents. Then celebrate with a nice pair of heels! —Linda DiBella

3. Dress as if you’re where you want to be. Are you waiting to lose weight before you buy that new wardrobe? If you’re wearing the same uninspiring clothes that make you feel drab, pick up a few smart wardrobe pieces, like a chic blazer, fashionable footwear, or some nice scarves or jewelry that will brighten your image and make you feel better about you now. The better you feel, the more likely you’ll be motivated to keep making positive changes. —Linda DiBella

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