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I Love Him But He Keeps on Breaking My Heart


I Love Him But He Keeps on Breaking My Heart

You are in a pretty awful place right now, because you feel like you are in love with a guy, but at the same time it feels like he keeps on playing games with you and breaking your heart. Even though you may feel like he is the only man that you can feel that way for, you do have to consider whether or not it is worth it for you to remain in a relationship limbo where you really are not sure what is going on and where you stand. It’s just not healthy to stay that way. It’s no fun to feel this way, kind of like you are torn between staying with a guy you know probably is not the one, and feeling at times like he has to be the one. What should you do when you are in love with a man who seems to be breaking your heart all of the time?

  1. My first suggestion would be to really search deep inside to make sure that what you are feeling for this guy really is love and not something else. It’s easy to feel like you are totally enamored by a man only to be masking the fact that you are really just happy to have someone, anyone rather than being alone. That may not really be what is going on, but it is something that is worth taking a look at for sure.
  2. Another thing that I would suggest is that you take stock in where your life is at right now. Are you happy in all facets of your life and this is the only area that seems to be bringing you stress? Because if it is, then you may also want to weight out whether or not it is worth it to have all the other aspects of your life going well and then to have this situation bringing you down. As they say, a man is supposed to enrich your life, not bring you down when everything else seems to be going well.
  3. Finally, I would also like to suggest that you see if it is not a miscommunication issue that is going on between you and the guy you are dating. There are plenty of situations where a woman will feel let down about something and the man she is dating has no clue because the communication is sorely lacking. You can’t expect him to change the way he is if he does not understand that the way he is seems to be hurting you. So, if you have not done it yet, you also need to try and communicate the way that you feel and see how he responds to it.

If he does not change after that point and you still feel like he is breaking your heart all of the time, that might be a good sign that you are with the wrong man and you need to get out of the relationship no matter how you feel about him.

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