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Family Fit Time: Walk Together


Family Fit Time: Walk Together

I have been walking with my family for over three years now. After a very tasty dinner we all go for a walk to the local park. It does help that we live two blocks from our park. We walk almost the entire park and bring our family dog with us.

There is nothing more supportive than to have that walking buddy to entertain you while you walk. I happen to enjoy the conversations that take place from these walks. It gives us a time to reconnect and share our daily adventures and vent.

All in all, we stay fit by walking. We stay focused on the true values of loving and understanding your family by communication and we spend time with our loving Lucas. He misses the kids when they are in school and this daily walk gives him some fun time with his favorite kids.

It is also the time when all members of the family are together at the same time. Take advantage of this and go for a healthy way of family sharing & caring.

These walks normally last between 35 to 45 minutes. Now that the weather is getting warmer they last longer.

So grab those old pairs of running shoes or some new walking ones and get stepping..

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