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How Exercise Works to Increase Your Physical and Spiritual Energy


How Exercise Works to Increase Your Physical and Spiritual Energy

Exercising has many benefits that you can enjoy. From better health to a stronger immune system and a more favorable body image, exercise works to your advantage in many ways. Plus, it even increases your spiritual energy! Here are some things you should know about exercising and why it helps you be a better person.

Natural High

When you start exercising, you will notice that you will experience a natural “high.” This is a feeling that can be addictive, and it makes you want to exercise even more. Exercise works to release endorphins in your body which helps relieve stress, and it gives your body an overall sense of feeling good.

Fights Depression

One of the psychological health benefits of exercise is that it can fight depression. According to recent studies, burning about 350 calories three times each week has the same effect as taking antidepressants for relieving depression. This is because exercise helps stimulate neuron production in the areas of the brain that is damaged by depression.

Improved Self Esteem

Even if you have many pounds to lose before you reach your ideal goal weight, one of the health effects of exercising is a better self-esteem. Even minor improvements and reaching small goals can give you a burst of confidence that makes you want to continue your exercise routine.

Improved Brain Health

Regular exercise, even if it’s just a short, leisurely walk around your neighborhood, can help keep your brain healthy. Over the years, exercise will help prevent memory loss, and it can keep your mind sharp. It has also been shown to fend off Alzheimer’s. It does this by protecting the hippocampus, which is the part of the brain that is in charge of the memory. This is also one of the first areas of the brain that is vulnerable to the damage of Alzheimer’s.

Overall Health

In addition to all of the above health benefits of exercise, it also helps prevent some other common problems that many people have to deal with. The risk of diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure and several types of cancer is also significantly reduced when you participate in regular exercise.

Nobody can argue against the health benefits of exercise. Except in rare cases, there aren’t any disadvantages to having a regular workout routine. If you want to begin an exercise regimen, talk to your doctor to see what types of exercises are ideal for you.

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