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Energy Saving Tips For Spring

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Energy Saving Tips For Spring

With warmer weather just around the corner, many homeowners will soon begin tackling their spring cleaning and home improvement “to-do” lists.   If you’re looking for springtime projects that can help them save money by saving energy will find a wealth of ideas  by visiting

The site features an interactive house that provides visitors with how-to videos, energy saving tips, and information on an array of energy efficiency programs and rebates available to DTE Energy customers. The site has two new videos on home weatherization that offer easy-to-follow advice on sealing air leaks and installing insulation offers energy saving tips year round, but has these recommendations – and more – for the spring:

  • Roof ventilation. Now’s the time to ensure that your roof has adequate ventilation. When the weather gets warmer, good attic ventilation helps reduce heat buildup. That cuts cooling costs and prolongs shingle life.
  • Air Conditioner maintenance. An annual inspection is key to keeping your cooling system at peak performance. Early spring is the best time to call a local contractor to schedule a check up for your air conditioning system.

It’s important to keep air conditioning units free of obstructions inside and out. Make sure your spring yard work includes clearing bushes, leaves and other debris away from your outdoor condenser.

  • Furnace replacement. You may be using your furnace less as the weather warms up, but if it’s an older model, now may be the time to take advantage of end-of-season sales to replace it with one that’s more energy efficient.
  • Landscaping. Plant trees that lose their leaves in the fall on the south and west side of your house to provide cooling shade. When the trees lose their leaves, you’ll enjoy the benefit of solar heat gain in the fall and winter months. Plant evergreen trees on the north and west side to protect your home from blustery winter winds and reduce heating costs. will be adding new videos, energy efficiency tips and calculators each season.

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