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Everyday DIVA: Joy Tribble Of Atlanta, GA

Everyday DIVA

Everyday DIVA: Joy Tribble Of Atlanta, GA

Our Everyday DIVA of the Week is Joy Tribble of Atlanta, GA

Joy Tribble is a Radio Professional (Marketing and Radio Personality). Joy is also a plus size model and founder of Walking Curves, a plus size women’s fitness group.

What makes you an everyday diva?
I believe versatility makes me or any other woman, an everyday diva. I feel you should have the ability to rock a pair of stilettos or a pair of sneakers and still be fly. Confidence goes a long way these days, so no matter what you’re wearing, if you feel good in it, the world will agree.

What defines my fashion style?
Nothing too complicated…I really just like to be cute and comfortable. I like solids vs. prints. However, I’m learning to open my wardrobe up to more color (and a few) prints here and there. I believe style is also spawned out of personality, so me adding color to my wardrobe is a plus, considering my personality is “colorful.” (So I’ve been told)

Who’s my favorite designer?
The person that creates clothes that fit me well. I’m not partial to any one designer. I feel different designers create pieces that fit differently, so to box my self in to one designer, would be doing my closet a disservice.

Are you an Everyday DIVA? Send 3-7 everyday photos of yourself, your Name, Location, Profession, What makes you an everyday diva, What defines your fashion style, and who is your favorite designer to [email protected]

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