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Top 5 Super Foods


Top 5 Super Foods

Most of us by now are aware of foods that fit into the “healthy” category and which ones do not. There are many types of everyday foods which help to give the body all the essential and non-essential nutrients that it needs. There are some foods however that have earned the title “Super Food” because they pack so many nutrients and health benefits.

It is always important to maintain a balanced diet. This means including a broad range of foods in your diet so that you can absorb all the different nutrients regularly. Listed below are five of the most powerful super foods that will benefit all diets and have truly earned the right to be called super food.


If you don’t yet know the wonderful benefits of the humble avocado then let me enlighten you. The list of benefits from an avocado could fill an entire article so I will just mention a few key benefits. The avocado is the best fruit source for vitamin E which is a useful vitamin for protecting the body against many diseases. In addition to that, the high content of Glutathione helps to slow down the ageing process, prevent heart disease, cancer and stroke. If that wasn’t enough this fruit also helps the body to easily absorb nutrients from other foods.


Another fruit that is high on the super food list is the banana. Research has shown that potassium is very beneficial for our hearts and nervous systems and bananas are packed with potassium. Bananas also help to build a strong immune responses thanks to the high vitamin B6 content which also plays a key role in converting carbohydrate to glucose for energy. This helps to keep the blood sugar level correctly maintained. They also provide a good source of natural fiber so one or two bananas each day instead of a chocolaty snack will certainly be very beneficial.


Now this powerful vegetable is not to everyone’s liking but it should certainly be taken into consideration. This has been linked with preventing things like cancer, heart disease and strokes. The mini tree shaped vegetable has vitamin C and A, folic acid, fiber and calcium which covers a lot of our daily nutrient needs. Broccoli’s ability to boost our immune systems and fight off cancer makes it an essential super food.


This is actually one of my favorites and I have made an effort to have some oats at least once a day. Porridge oats for me is the most versatile and rewarding of breakfasts but it also packs a punch in the nutrition department too. A nice bowl of porridge every morning will help to lower and maintain the cholesterol levels as well as help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease with a unique antioxidant known as avenanthramides. A daily dose of oats will also help to boost the immune system and stave off infection. I like to add a banana to my bowl of porridge too which is delicious but also combines two wonderful super foods which can only be a good thing.


Last on the list by no means least is the very humble watercress. Usually used as garnish or to fill out sandwiches and salads this little vegetable is packed with some amazing health benefits. Research has found that a 30g portion of watercress each week can help to improve lung capacity. This is because it has an ingredient call glucosinates-phytochemicals which help to prevent airborne pollutants attaching themselves to your lungs. Watercress is also packed with Vitamins B6, B2, C and E as well as calcium, copper manganese and carotenes which in my opinion makes it far more than a garnish, it deserves the name super food.


About The Author: Chris Clayton is a qualified nutritionist with over 10 years experience in bodybuilding. I am also active in helping people realise there health and fitness goals and offer free advice wherever necessary. My blog Healthy Ambitions is dedicated to offering plenty of useful advice and motivational tips why not check it out for more helpful and interesting articles.

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