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Shame into Change? Georgia’s Anti-Childhood Obesity Campaign


Shame into Change? Georgia’s Anti-Childhood Obesity Campaign

According to the 2007 New England Journal of Medicine, the number of overweight children between the ages of 6-19 years of age in the U.S. has tripled in the last forty years; that is over 25 million kids considered obese or overweight. Nearly 1 million of these kids live in Georgia. According to Georgia’s Strong4Life Campaign sponsored by Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, the following are some videos that were made in order address the obesity issue in Georgia.

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The question that many have been asking is “Are these videos promoting shame into change?” When I first saw the first video, it seemed to me that if something in the delivery of the message went completely wrong. As we all know, issues about weight are always a hot topic and with statistics informing us that obesity is a crisis in the United States, the issue has become one that more and more people are looking for someone to blame. According to Michelle Obama information and access to what is needed is key in order to make a healthy change in our eating habits and you can have the conversation without pointing the finger.

According to Georgia’s Strong4Life Campaign:

“We can’t continue to ignore the fact that Georgia has the second highest rate of childhood obesity in the country. We must open our eyes and look around: Kids are now suffering from diseases once seen only in adults. How do we save the next generation of Georgia’s kids? Working together through long-term change. First, we must come together as a community and talk about it.”

What are your thoughts? Can we talk about it without pointing the finger at the parents?

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