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Amazon Drops “Mom” Discount

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Amazon Drops “Mom” Discount

A few months ago many moms (myself included) felt a BIG change. dropped their Amazon mom discount from 30% to 20%. Some would argue that one should be happy with still receiving any type of discount; however there are several factors to think about.

1. Amazon didn’t notify us about the change until the 12th of January and the change took effect on the 24th. This doesn’t allow much time for re-working an already tight budget and figuring out where you can go to get diapers at nearly the price you were already paying.

2. What Amazon is really pushing is subscription to their Amazon Prime, it gives free shipping (and some other perks) and gives you back part of the discount you lost. Downside (at least for me) is the $79 yearly membership worth it? My daughter is in the potty training stage so hopefully she won’t be in diapers much longer.

3. I have yet to find the quantity and pricing anywhere. I was paying $33.03 (no shipping) for 192 count of diapers.

If you were an Amazon Mom like myself, I did find that Sam’s club is pretty close. They offer free shipping and for the same size (4) I can get  176 count for $39.98. I’ll more than likely stay with my Mom discount though. For $0.13 more I get 16 more diapers. From surfing around it looks like if you already had subscribe and save items (this is the monthly delivery system) then you retained part of the 30% discount. I did notice that if I tried to start a new subscription and save the diapers would be $44.83.

I saw one article that suggested some other sites but some of them are the sites where you have to earn points or do surveys, and if your schedule is anything like mine, I’m lucky to have any time to clip a coupon, let alone do a survey. It’s just a sad to see moms get nickled and dimed for the one necessity that you go through the most.

It’s just as bad as gas prices in my eyes.

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