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1st Day Of Spring Check List

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1st Day Of Spring Check List

Spring has sprung but depending on your geographical location, you’ve been having spring-like symptoms since last week. I’m fortunate to be working from home today so I plan on getting a lot done as I prepare for the warmer weather. I’ve decided to share my “1st Day Of Spring Check List” with you.

1) Make-up Clean-up

I’ll admit that I probably don’t get rid of make up and beauty products when I should but the first day of spring is the perfect day to toss that old concealer or that dark eyeshadow that you wore during fall and winter that are no longer any good. This also allows you to do a complete inventory of what you have and when you’re done, you can go shopping for the things you don’t have.

2) Shoe, heel and sandal sorting

My feet can finally breathe!. I live in the north so wearing boots during the colder months are a must. I can finally break out my open toe shoes. I’m not encouraging you to go crazy and start wearing flip flops everywhere but you can definitely give your shoe game new life by putting up those bulking winter boots.

3) Pamper yourself Mani & Pedi

Speaking of feet, if you are going to wear your feet out, why not enjoy the day and treat yourself to a mani and pedi. You know you want to plus you deserve it.

4) Join your local gym

Before you throw stones at me, let me explain. If the cold weather had you feeling dreary and fatigued, the smell of spring should give you enough life to put that workout routine into full gear.  Instead of dreaming of what you would look like after you shed those unwanted pounds, take matters into your hands and give your local gym a visit today.

5) Wash walls and floors

I love spring just like the next person but with warmer weather comes little friends. Ants, spiders, water bugs, etc. all show their little heads when the weather breaks. Although you “spring clean” all year, the new season is the perfect time to do some extra cleaning.

This is what I plan to do celebrate the 1st day of spring. What’s on your to-do list?

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