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Healthy Weightloss Success: Interview with Veronica Oden


Healthy Weightloss Success: Interview with Veronica Oden

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Many people know just how difficult it is to lose weight, especially after the holidays and after the many broken New Year’s resolutions that so many of us make but it is never to late to start again! So in hopes to motivate you divas out there who are looking to get fit, today we at Daily Venus Diva would like to share with you Veronica Oden’s weightloss success story as we celebrate her healthy curves!

What motivated you to lose weight?

I always desired to lose weight but seemed to lack the motivation. I had to change the way I thought about it in order to just get motivated. Instead of looking at weight loss as a means to just look good in a bathing suit, I took things a little deeper. After going through a series of traumatic life experiences, I felt I needed a new start. I needed to find balance in my mind, body and spirit. I began to look at what the Bible says about the body; how we are to present it as a living sacrifice and how it is the temple of the Holy Spirit. So, since God is living in me I want to give it my best because I can do more for God with a healthier body. It’s hard to be of use if you’re sick and can barely move. Since God had done so much for me, I felt the least that I could do is do right with the things he has given me. Also, I come from a family that suffers from heart conditions, diabetes and cancer. I’ve seen firsthand the results of not taking care of my temple and I just didn’t want that for my life. Having a relationship with God and eating right and working out go hand in hand to me. I like to think of it as my gift to God; taking care of what He’s given me AND as a result I’m feeling better and looking better. It’s a win win.

How much weight have you lost and what did you do to lose it?

I have lost 75 lbs. I did some research on myself. I had to discover what certain foods do to my body. For example, I found out that I can’t eat as much dairy because it causes bloating that would sometimes last for two days. So I’ll eat one dairy a day; a non fat yogurt or ice cream for dessert. But if I know I want ice cream for dessert and milk and cereal for breakfast then I would find a substitute. I’d get almond milk for breakfast, which is dairy/lactose free but is also a good source of calcium. So find healthy substitutes for the things you like that are easy on your digestive system. Also, probiotics are a gift to the digestive system!

Do you have a weight loss goal?

I’m more interested in being completely comfortable with my body and being /feeling healthy. So, it’s not so much about what the scale says but if I had to choose a number it would be 150-155 lbs.

What helps you to stay focused on your goals?

I love the way I feel! Eating right and working out makes me feel good. And I like feeling good. Also, I try to get as many people on board with me as I can. I usually always have someone to workout with. It makes the time go by faster and having an accountability partner is great.

How have your eating habits changed?

I’ve cut red meat and pork from my diet. I eat fish, turkey, chicken and eggs for protein. I eat gluten free breads, protein bars and cereals. Protein makes you feel fuller longer so it’s important to eat protein and vegetables if nothing else. I’ve cut foods high in sugar and salt down to a bare minimum. I use truvia instead of sugar. And I eat organic food and lots of vegetables. I don’t drink my calories; basically I drink a lot of water and tea sweetened with stevia or truvia. I’m not a fruit eater. If I drink juice (which is very rare) I would get an organic juice not from concentrate. A 4oz serving would be the equivalent of a piece of fruit.

What does “Curvy Confidence” mean to you?

I feel it means being comfortable with who you are. Not going with the norm or what the world says is beautiful but looking in the mirror, loving the way God made you because He said that what He made was good and very good. So my curves are not only good, they’re very good J I believe that having a shape sets me apart from others, they’re my fingerprints. The same dress doesn’t look or fit the same on two different women. Our curves can make the dress look wonderful not the other way around. Our curves are our fingerprints the world can see, so love them! Be your own walking, breathing definition of beauty and forget what the world says.

Any advice for women looking to lose weight?

Learn to love yourself. Love every inch and pound that you have currently. Dress up, put your makeup on; learn to see yourself as a beautiful and whole being and then you will find yourself taking the steps to become that. First change the way you see and feel about yourself. You deserve to be healthy and fit for yourself and your family. You deserve the best quality of life and that’s something that you can only give to yourself. We’re not here to just work and pay bills, to be a mother and a wife, we’re here to live, so give yourself the best life and discipline yourself. Begin to look at food differently. Food is a necessity not a luxury. You need it to survive; consuming large amounts of unhealthy food will kill you. Learn how much your body actually needs in a day and be patient with yourself.

Thanks Veronica, congratulations on your weightloss and becoming a healthier you! Many women get caught up on the number on they see on the scale or the size they want to be but truthfully we are not all made to be a size 0 or 10. I love what you said about our shape being like our fingerprints that set us apart from others and how we should learn to love ourselves now just as we are. Keep thriving!

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