Dealing with Sensitive Skin and Children

There are a few skin disorders that can affect children. Here’s a couple that I’ve had experience with and some of the treatments I’ve used.


Eczema is itchy inflamed skin. It’s believed to be caused by a reaction to an allergen. It can show up on many areas of the body. The key is to keep the skin moisturized.  Aveeno Oatmeal bath is good to help with the itch. If you want to go back to basics, just a bath with a table spoon of baking soda also helps calm the itch. Then after the bath use a cream or lotion on the infected area.

You can always invest in some of the eczema specific lotions, Neosporin just came out with one. We tried CeraVe based on the recommendation of my daughter’s pediatrician but it was quite expensive. What worked the best was just Hydrocortisone cream 1%. I like the vaseline like gel instead of the white cream. One of my daughter’s nurses even recommended just Vaseline. During one of Jade’s itching fits we even put corn starch on top of the vaseline and that helped as well. According to WebMd, most children outgrow eczema by age 10. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Jade.

Pityriasis Rosea

This rash can be patchy and have blisters. They have yet to determine if this is caused by a virus or infection. For Jade it ended up covering her back, neck, chest, legs, and butt…basically her entire body. Her pediatrician said that this rash was making her eczema inflamed as well. Pityriasis Rosea can last from 6 to 8 weeks or months, she had it for months. Her pediatrician said that there isn’t anything to help cure this rash,  it has to just run its course. We gave her the baking soda baths to help relieve the itch. Sometimes we even gave her 1 tsp of Children’s Benedryl.

Even when these two rashes are not inflamed, Jade still has some discoloration of the skin. Her pediatrician says that won’t completely clear up until she is out of diapers, because the diapers keep the areas wet and irritated.

As always, do research and check with your child’s pediatrician. Hope some of the remedies we used will work for you.

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