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Inspirations For Love & Life: Spring Ahead!


Inspirations For Love & Life: Spring Ahead!

Spring has sprung! Well, not exactly! Though the past winter months have felt like a vacation for many of us, it has definitely helped in putting me in a renewal process! With the new season approaching I wanted and needed to see myself in a different light. Mentally, Physically and Emotionally. I felt like I needed a new “VIEW OF MY WINDOW!”

For many of us we go each year wanting to change something about ourselves and find looking back that just the year has changed, and many of the goals we’ve set out for ourselves go undone. This year I made it my business to change ME! I wanted and needed to lose weight for my health, continue to grow my business and I needed to be stronger emotionally after losing my mother over a year ago. I am proud to share with you that all three of my goals I have put into actual motion. I have incorporated PATIENCE, DILIGENCE AND PERSERVERANCE into my life and it has paid off in ways that have enriched me so greatly.

I challenge you all if there are things you wish to change about yourselves, use these three adjectives in empowering your lives and let them put you in a place of motion and action! Sometimes the biggest obstacles in our lives are staring back at us in the mirror! We have to let our views be unobstructed and full of light and energy!

I wish you all the best in love and in health!


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