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Love Reunited Never Felt So Good For Cassidy & Justin


Love Reunited Never Felt So Good For Cassidy & Justin

Love Reunited Never Felt So Good For Cassidy & Justin

This month we’re celebrating love, all types of love. Love shared between a man and wife or significant others is worthy of celebrating, don’t you agree?

Last month we asked readers to send us their love stories. Every Tuesday during the month of February expect to read love stories submitted by our readers and in their own words.

Meet Cassidy & Justin……..

My husband and I met 6 years ago. I was 18 at the time and he was 19. We met on an online dating website. The first time I met my husband, Justin in person was the best day of my life! He was the first boyfriend I had ever had. Coming from a small town and moving to college in a big city was tough! Justin helped me learn to love the city life. We went on dates to the movies, bike rides in the park and I watched the sunrise over the river with him. Then everything changed.

He was moving to a different city, never told me why, I suspected it was for another girl. I cried for months. We kept in contact, sending a casual e-mail every now and again. When I was 20, after not seeing Justin for 2 years, I decided to change things up. I moved to the city where he lived, moved in with a friend and called Justin. He admitted that he had in fact moved to be with another girl. I never felt so betrayed in my life. At the same time I had never been happier to have him in my life again. We were inseparable from that first day in the new city. After being together for a year, he proposed and here we are, married for 18 months and LOVING IT!!!! I couldn’t imagine being with anyone else. Everyday he reminds me of how beautiful I am. I am so grateful that I found someone to share my life (and my curves) with!

As told by Cassidy Luchyk

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