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Down That Aisle In Style Submission: Here Come The Brides


Down That Aisle In Style Submission: Here Come The Brides

By: Chamein Canton & Sheri Collins

Meet Heather & Krystal of New York

Heather’s and Krystal’s eyes didn’t meet across a crowded room; they met on a profile page of an online dating site six years ago. Though you’d never know it from her extremely outgoing personality, Heather lived a life of feeling unsure of herself, and Krystal had a much more low key personality and preferred hanging out at home. When they met for a lunch date at Krystal’s work, they decided to be just friends but by the end of the date Krystal asked Heather to be her girlfriend. Things just clicked.  It was the first time Heather felt so comfortable. Now, they spend most of their time loving, laughing and poking good natured fun at one another. Like many couples in love, Heather and Krystal bring out the best in each other. Heather helps Krystal lighten up and not take herself so seriously, while Krystal helps Heather focus on the important things in life.  Their relationship quickly grew serious, and has endured many obstacles. Yet they have stood firmly together and know their love for one another can weather any storm. They both plan to wear wedding gowns: Heather wears a size 18 while Krystal is size 8-9.  They’re on track to get married in July surrounded by the people who love and support them.


Are You A Curvy Bride-To-Be?

Enter to win personal shopping for the curvy bride. Up to 10 brides will enjoy starring in an exciting photo shoot in New York City. Three lucky brides will win fantastic prizes too. Write a brief story about your romance (300 words). Send it and a photo of the two of you to [email protected] by February 29.

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