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‘Real Curves’ Gives Customers An Authentic Shopping Experience


‘Real Curves’ Gives Customers An Authentic Shopping Experience

It’s always interesting to get feedback from plus size women who are not working in the plus size industry in the capacity of blogger, advocate, event planner or designer.

Last night while out bowling I had a discussion with a few ladies that I went to high school with. We discussed many topics but the  subject of designers and retailers using real size models in their campaigns was a hot one. I know what you’re thinking, “all women are real women”, and you’re absolutely right but this discussion centered around companies refusal to use models that resemble the majority of their customers (plus size women over a size 18).

Although I let them know that there are retailers that were starting to change their way of thinking, imagine my surprise when I received an email from leading plus size label Kiyonna addressing the exact same thing we were talking about last night.

Since 2011 Kiyonna clothing has given customers the visual ability to imagine the garment on themselves with the launch of their Real Curves section on Real Curves provides photos of real women of different sizes, statures, ethnicities and age in order to help the customer envision Kiyonna’s™ clothes on themselves while shopping.

The Real Curves category breaks down images by size and featured Real Curves Cutie. The real women in the Real Curves section can also be found on product pages throughout the company’s website, thus giving customers a varied and realistic view of how a garment can look on them.

Since introducing Real Curves, the company also introduced niche segments including Bridal Curves (an intimate look at beautiful curvy women getting married in Kiyonna’s™ wedding dresses) and the Blogger Brigade (a fun look at bloggers from the US and beyond who evangelize the brand and write, wear and review the garments).

With sections such as Real Curves, Bridal Curves and Blogger Brigade it further solidifies as a brand that puts their customers needs front and center.

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