Down That Aisle In Style Submission: Love and A Leap of Faith

By Sheri Collins & Chamein Canton
Nesa & Todd

Astoria, New York

Photo Credit: Paperfarm

A native of Houston, Texas, Nesa Khajehali moved to Los Angeles for work but had an added bonus when she met Todd, a native Californian and the love of her life. As life would have, it the opportunity of a lifetime opened up for Nesa in New York and she had to make a decision: stay in California with the love of her life or try to make a long distance relationship work. As it turned out, she didn’t have to choose. Todd took a leap of faith and moved across the country with her. With a cozy life in Astoria, they’re planning on making it official this year and this special bride needs a gorgeous gown to wed her one of a kind man.


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Down That Aisle In Style Submission: New Home Sweet Home in Love

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