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Plus Size Bridal Fit Facts- Part 1

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Plus Size Bridal Fit Facts- Part 1

Before you decide on a dress, you need to examine its characteristics to see if they complement your curves. Before you hit the racks or the bridal salon, there are few fit facts that you must consider. 

Fit Fact #1 – Know your shape, show your shape.  Ride your curves, don’t hide your curves!  This means run don’t walk to your best undergarment specialist in your area.  Get measured and buy a truly supportive undergarment that fits and flatters your shape.  Brides of all sizes think they can waltz into a bridal salon and start trying on dresses with sport bras and sneakers.  Wear your undergarment when you book your bridal salon appointment.  And be sure to wear hosiery even if you plan to get married on the beach in flip-flops.  Bring a pair of heels so you get the “lift” that will help you see the length of the dress properly. Hosiery helps to further smooth hips, thighs and legs. Shapewear is to fashion as driving is to road conditions – A smoothe curve is better than a bumpy curve!

Fit Fact #2 – Now that you have an undergarment that supports, holds you and smoothes you, take a good look at your exposed skin.  Are your arms firm or dimpled?  Are your shoulders rounded or squared?  Is your upper back fleshy or firm?  Do you have legs that can peak out from a side slit?  Is your bust line attractive in a bustier?  This is when you want to be truly honest with yourself.  What is your favorite body feature and which makes you feel really gorgeous when it is highlighted?  This is what you want to focus on when you start looking at bridal dresses.

Fit Fact #3 – Plus size brides generally fit into four of the body silhouettes for women.  The first is the hourglass, followed by the triangle, rectangle and oval shapes.  Each shape has a specific dress silhouette that flatters the body.  If you are an hourglass showing off your curves will look best in a mermaid style gown.  After all you are proportioned with curvy bust and hips and a small waistline.  Dolly Parton said it best, “everything needs light to grow and the reason my waistline is so small is because my breasts block out all the light.”   Wearing a mermaid style gown allows you to show off your curves though the trick is not to look too “hoochie mama.”  Ride those curves but beware of hairpin curves!  You want to look sophisticated and elegant on your wedding day.


About The Authors:

Judith Ann Graham is a professional makeup artist and has specialized in the Bridal Market for over 15 years. With years of bridal experience, she wrote the popular The Bride Guide. Catherine and Judith are both instructors at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and members of the Association of Image Consultants International. Together they formed a company called Your Image Power which focuses on career fairs for job seekers needing to focus their ABC’s (Appearance, Behavior and Communication).

Catherine Schuller is a professional Image Consultant specializing in the plus size client. She has helped thousands of women with her Shape Shopping with Figure&Fit instore retail program which she designed after studying the image program at Parsons School of Design in the mid 90s when she was phasing out of plus size modeling and into the image consulting profession.

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