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Love Comes Full Circle For Tim & Tonda


Love Comes Full Circle For Tim & Tonda

Love Comes Full Circle For Tim & Tonda…..

This month we’re celebrating love, all types of love. Love shared between a man and wife or significant others is worthy of celebrating, don’t you agree?

Last month we asked readers to send us their love stories. Every Tuesday during the month of February expect to read love stories submitted by our readers and in their own words.


Meet Tim & Tondalayo Davis

Nearly 8 years ago, at an area Juneteenth Day Festival, I first encountered my soul mate. In passing, I thought I saw a ghost that is a childhood friend, and anxiously approached this handsome, debonair gentleman. After cunningly entertaining the idea of reunion, the man hesitantly revealed the case of mistaken identity. Nonetheless, in an attempt to woo me, the stranger gracefully kneeled and jokingly proposed to me in the midst of a crowd of 10,000s of festival goers. Instantly, a friend of mine and I turned to one another and unleashed a wave of simultaneous giggles.

Ironically, much later that night, at a local night club, my soul unintentionally reconnected with the guy. As he and I conversed, we realized that our paths unknowingly crossed many times, and we shared so much in common.

Although he was not the friend of my past, he became the love interest of my future. Today, he is my husband, the father of my children, and the love of my life. Who would have known that we would go full circle?

~As told by Tondalayo Davis

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