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Asos, British Fashion Hit U.S. Stores

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Asos, British Fashion Hit U.S. Stores

Asos, the Online British Fashion Store Hit the U.S. ………

As your faithful Shopping Editor, I’m always looking for the next big thing to hit the states, be it trends, gossip or the latest shop to enter into the US Market.  Well, I have a little secret for you, ladies! It’s just about time for you to become acquainted with ASOS, the next British Invasion about to hit US shores!

ASOS stands for As Seen on Screen, and began as a shop for teens to get the look their favorite celebrities were wearing at a portion of the cost.  After rapid growth, ASOS has become London’s largest independent online fashion retailer, and is eyeing a strong move into the US. With 30% of their profits already coming from International sales, without a stitch of advertising and celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, Katy Perry and Daniel Radcliffe already sporting their wares, you can bet they will soon become a force to be reckoned with here in the states.

When it comes to the ASOS style, think H&M (their 2012 Spring Look Book can be viewed here), but with a larger, more fashion-forward selection of designs for the curvy girl.  We must also give ASOS major props for using genuine curvy models on their site, rather than depicting a design on the industry-standard size 2, giving a realistic feel of what a garment will look like on REAL women!

What sets ASOS apart from the competition “is its selection and pricing model.” ASOS carries over “800 brands, 42,000 product lines, and a proprietary label that accounts for 50 percent of annual sales.” CEO Nick Robertson says, “Young people want what’s hot now, not what was big last season. We can charge full price because we offer fashion that’s current, often seen worn by celebrities, and we give our young customers access to designers that other sites don’t.”

ASOS also offers a monthly magazine that covers upcoming trends, as well as the ASOS Fashion Finder, an online tool to help you put together the exact look you’re searching for!

You can already purchase online (with incredibly competitive shipping prices), but expect to see more of ASOS both on the screen and in your home VERY soon! You heard it here first, Ladies!

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