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Share Your Wedding Proposal Story and Win


Share Your Wedding Proposal Story and Win

As yet another Valentine’s Day approaches some very smart husbands, boyfriends and significant others already have got V-day covered. Perhaps the night will be filled with dinner and dancing followed by a gift, preferably jewelry. Moreover, while it may seem tempting, leave the lingerie purchase to us. We know what we and you like. Trust me guys, you won’t be disappointed.

However, Valentine’s Day also has the distinction of being the second most popular time for marriage proposals and this is where it gets interesting. How do you propose? Will it be a quiet event with you on bended knee? Or maybe a romantic proposal written in the sand of a favorite beach? America’s mantra has always been go big or go home but every couple is different.

New York Giants’ rookie linebacker Greg Jones surprised his girlfriend, Mandy Piechowski, with an on-field proposal after winning the Superbowl on Sunday in Indianapolis. Apparently his now fiancée was quite surprised.

What about your proposal story? If you’re getting married within the next year, we want to hear from you. Did he propose in a small intimate setting? Did he use rose petals to lead you to a bathtub filled with petals? Or was it a grand production? Maybe he proposed at Madison Square Garden on the Jumbotron. We know every life has a story and the same goes for proposals.

Send us a photo of you and your betrothed along with a brief essay about your proposal. We’ll post it on our blog Down That Aisle and then go over to Daily Venus Diva and enter then you will the eligible for our Personal Shopping for the Curvy Bride.

We need real brides with real stories to do real shopping for the new book, Down That Aisle: A Celebration of Romance & Style for Curvy Brides, a groundbreaking new multimedia project. Through pictures and videos you’ll share a glimpse of your personal and couple style. We will be there to help you find a gown that best expresses you. With us as your talented guides, you’ll be the star in your own reality show experience and receive red carpet treatment. And the best part…the consulting services will be COMPLIMENTARY!

Email us [email protected] to share your story, photos and enter the contest.

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