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The Love Story of Ana & Ricardo


The Love Story of Ana & Ricardo

This month we’re celebrating love, all types of love. Love shared between a man and wife or significant others is worthy of celebrating, don’t you agree?

Last month we asked readers to send us their love stories. Every Tuesday during the month of February expect to read love stories submitted by our readers and in their own words.


Submitted by Ana’s mom, Marta

Ana and Ricardo met at a Club in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where his band was playing, he was the drummer. They had met through My Space and he invited her to the show.  She went and he didn’t recognize her but was mesmorized by her beauty. She had to leave early and when he found out who she was she had already left.

The next day they started talking on My Space and got to know each other better. Ana left on vacation to Florida and they talked everyday. When she came back they started dating.  She was hesitant at first because she had so many things to do, people to meet and places to go, but he swept her off her feet.

They got married at a beautiful wedding at The Botanical Garden in Caguas, Puerto Rico on February 7, 2009, surrounded by their loved ones. It has been almost three years and they have never been happier.

Ana is an aspiring Plus Size Model in Puerto Rico, and one of the models chosen to model at Fashion Passport, Plus Size Edition on the Island on May 5, 2012, and Ricardo is The Purge Effect Drummer, a band that is getting great reviews in the States. The key to their happiness is to be honest with each other and to support each others dreams!!

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