Tips On How To Wear Plus Size Corsets

Plus Size Corsets are a popular fashion statement both at formal occasions, for a night on the town and even in the workplace nowadays. Plus size corsets can enhance a lady’s hourglass figure, offer back and posture support and add to your wardrobe in a trendy, sensuous way.

Putting On a Corset

Putting on corsets is a difficult task and most people are not familiar with this. Also, you may need assistance for doing so. Here are some useful tips that will make this task easier for you.

  • Loosen up its lacing and make sure that the gaps are approximately 3 to 5 inches in width. Designers suggest you to wear a tube-like camisole or tube top under it.
  • Now start fastening the front clasps or bust clasps. Make sure you start from the middle because it’s much easier to start from middle rather than starting from top or bottom clasps.
  • Once you reach down your back, place the loops by pulling the top and bottom ribbons. Rotate the ribbons to form loops to form X shaped patterns, until you reach the middle part. When you reach halfway, bend on one side and pull the ribbon down which is situated on the opposite side. This will keep your waistline in place.
  • Repeat the process for the opposite side as well. Once you finish the loop formation, pull the ribbon ends and tie them in a bow like format. You can either tie it in front or on the back. It doesn’t matter as long as the bow is perfect in shape and keeps both the laces together.

If you own corsets that have double laces, you will follow these steps for both the sides, but you should start with the front first. Sometimes, you might have to tighten them up after putting it on.

Frequently women cannot do it perfectly in the very first attempt and the corset can fall down the body. In such an event, you need not worry. Be patient, take some time and try it over and over again. These garments should be worn correctly and securely so as to avoid a wardrobe malfunction. Make sure they aren’t too tight, or else you might experience breathing problems.

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