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The Birds and Bees: How to Make This Valentine’s Day Buzzworthy

Love and Intimacy

The Birds and Bees: How to Make This Valentine’s Day Buzzworthy

So it’s not as simple as a stork and a basket on the doorstep? Sex has been a taboo topic for centuries, which results in a variety of unanswered questions and endless curiosity. What goes where? Who says what? Don’t worry, The Complete Idiot’s Guide and Sexy Little Book series are here to answer those cries for help and will help make this Valentine’s Day about more than just roses and chocolate.

The Sexy Little Book of Sex Games is perfect to spice up this Valentine’s Day. The author, Dr. Ava Cadell describes new and exciting ways to use food and props in the bedroom, teaches couples the importance of sensual talk as well as fun and flirty games and role play. Sex games add flavor and diversity to any relationship, making couples feel closer than ever.

The Complete Idiots Guide® to Amazing Sex is health class gone wild. Complete with diagrams, photos, tips and tricks, this book will take sex from ordinary to extraordinary. This includes descriptions of the latest sex toys, foreplay techniques and exploring what the internet can do for sex life. According to the author and sexuality educator, Dr. Sari Locker, “The keys to a great Valentine’s night are creating a romantic environment at home, and knowing how to make that loving feeling last long past February.”

The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to Tantric Sex takes physical relationships to a whole new level with spiritual and emotional clarity and connection. With new exercises and poses for couples to try, these pages are full of easy to follow steps that explore intimacy for new and old couples alike.

• Written by world-renowned clinical psychologist and sex therapist Dr. Judy Kuriansky, The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to A Healthy Relationship is full of expert advice to start and maintain a healthy and loving relationship that lasts beyond February 14. From avoiding common mistakes to tackling new-age conflicts that have risen with the internet, this book teaches couples how to keep the romance alive.

There is no need to stress about nighttime Valentine’s plans; these books ensure an exciting Valentine’s night that can improve a couple’s relationship by bringing them closer mentally, emotionally and physically.

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