Love Is In The Air & We Have Sweet Gifts For You Too!

Photo Courtesy of David’s Bridal

Just the other day I found myself thinking about how fast the month of January came and went. If feels like yesterday it was the first day of 2012 and now we’re entering the second month of the year.

Initially, we were going to celebrate Plus size entertainers this month but after much consideration, we’ve decided to celebrate plus size brides instead. After reaching out to David’s Bridal, they supplied us with our amazing cover image and the rest is history.

As a recently divorced woman, you may think that I’ve given up on love, men and anything that has to do with marriage but that is the furthest thing from the truth. I will always view marriage as a beautiful thing. In fact, when I was married I often told people that I would love to get married again. Not that my wedding day was a disaster but I absolutely love all of the fanfare that goes along with planning a wedding. For some, wedding preparations become a stressful but for me, that was not the case.

Weddings are a joyous occasion (at least they should be). This month we are going to celebrate the good, warn you of the bad and embrace the not so perfect situations that plus size brides- to -be find themselves in as they prepare for their special day.

To kick this month off we have TWO chances for you to win special goodies during the month of February. The 1st is a contest courtesy of the upcoming book Down That Aisle In Style. Plus size brides-to-be have a chance to be chosen to experience personal shopping for a wedding gown in New York City, with 3 grand prize winners being picked as well. For details click HERE.

The 2nd contest is an amazing giveaway called the ‘Sweetest Gifts’ contest offered by yours truly with the help of some amazing plus friendly companies.  For details on this contest click HERE.

Other features this month include:

& much more!

As always enjoy this month and thrive in your curves!

Stephanie Penn & the team

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