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Inspirations For Love & Life: “White Dress Stressed”


Inspirations For Love & Life: “White Dress Stressed”

The day is almost here!

Like many of us women, this is the day you’ve waited for all your life. The love of your life has proposed, you have that ring and now it’s time to plan that special day! You are happy for all of 5 minutes. Then it sinks in. “What am I going to wear? Where are we going on our honeymoon? Your weight begins to weigh in on your confidence and on one of the most important days of your life. It’s what I call “Plus Size Angst.”

It’s very stressful for many plus size women to fully embrace the happiness of this day because of their weight. It’s a day that you’re on full display and every eye is on you. You want to look and feel your absolute best. It is a common fact that many women begin to diet as soon as a date is set. We even go as far as ordering the dress a size smaller, thinking we are definitely going to get down to that “ideal dress size.” The fact is that it puts an awful lot of pressure and anxiety on an already stressful event. We’ve all heard of Bridezillas!  Imagine a hungry one!

With that being said, I want to share with you, that the issue of weight and being comfortable with your body comes way before and after your special day. If you wish to lose weight prior to your wedding, be REALISTIC about your goals and definitely plan for after your wedding day. Weight loss and changing your eating habits is a life long commitment. It’s not meant to be a quick fix for one day.

Love yourself as you are! Pick a dress that fits the size you are today! Make sure you feel comfortable around those “Hot Spots” like your breasts, hips, and stomach areas. The beauty in this is that if you lose the weight, they can take the dress in, and if in fact you didn’t reach your goal, you still LOOK and FEEL like a princess on your special day!!

Allow yourself the freedom to be you and to be fabulous! Remember, your man asked you to marry him at the size you are now! He loves the woman he’s with in her skin today! I wish you all the best in love and in health!

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