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Tips For Having The Ultimate Girls Road Trip


Tips For Having The Ultimate Girls Road Trip

In less than a month I will be heading out of town with three friends for THE Ultimate Girls road trip. We’re celebrating three things: my birthday, my friends birthday and LIFE!

Road trips ignite a feeling of freedom and adventure. While planning a road trip in the middle of winter is definitely adventurous, with fun activities, you can make the most of a 10 hour car ride.

Remember when Oprah and Gayle took their road trip? At first they were filled with excitement but that feeling eventually fizzled.  Here are a few tips to ensure that you stay excited during the entire ride.

Make sure you’re comfy. If you’re going on a long ride, the last thing you want to do is be uncomfortable. Use pillows to add a cushion to your seat in the car. Bring an extra pillow because you may find yourself wanting extra pillows throughout your trip. Get cozy with a blanket and take your shoes off. Most importantly, dress comfortably.

Plenty of Sleep. When I was younger, I had a difficult time falling asleep in the car at night during road trips. My insomnia came in handy because night time driving presents challenges and by sleeping during the day, I was able to assist in finding hotels and rest stops at night.

Take Advantage of Rest stops. The worst feeling in the world is being on the open road in a car without a restroom in sight. When the driver stops, make sure you take advantage of the intermission by using the restroom, getting a bite to eat and something to drink.

Stay Busy. There are a number of ways to keep yourself busy during a road trip.

  • Music. Entertain yourself with music from an electronic device. To be courteous, make sure you bring earbuds so everyone isn’t forced to listen to your music. Make sure all electronic devices are fully charged.
  • Talking. Spend the time in the car to get to know the people that you’re traveling with. You may know some things about them already but a road trip is a bonding experience. Since you trust your fellow travelers enough to travel with them, why not share a secret with them.
  • Reading. There will be times when you don’t want to talk or hear music. In the car is a great time to start reading that book you’ve been meaning to start reading for a while.

These are just a few tips on how you can occupy yourself during a road trip. I will definitely give each of them a try.

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