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Inspirations For Love & Life: Being Committed


Inspirations For Love & Life: Being Committed

For many of us, the New Year brings a breath of fresh air and renewed possibilities to our lives. Resolutions are either a no-no or your forge ahead with the hope that you’ll stay committed to what you promised yourself to do. Whatever your choices, I’d like to share with you what my RESOLUTION this new year will be!


Now, I am very good at being committed to others, but I lack the ability oftentimes to commit to Shanda! But, this year, I’m going for ME! I’m at a comfortable and respectful time in my life to say, I’ve given, I’ve sacrificed, and I’ve inspired. Now it’s time to take the inspiration inward!

There can be many obstacles and road blocks that get in our way of committing to do what is right for US as an individual. You have to allow yourself the opportunity and dare I say selfishness of putting yourself before others. It’s hard to do. But look at it this way. If you’re not your best physically and emotionally, how can you be of service to anyone else? You have to be at the top of your game to give the best to everyone else!


Whatever your goals, stay focused, stay strong, and stay motivated. Surround yourself with supportive people that respect your commitment to yourself. And, if you feel still feel alone, you can always reach out to me at [email protected] and I will lend you a voice of encouragement so you can stay committed to you!

Peace and blessing to you all in this NEW YOU, NEW YEAR!!


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