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The 3 W’s Of Preventive Health Screenings


The 3 W’s Of Preventive Health Screenings

Be proactive about your health by staying on top of necessary screenings and health care visits. This schedule is a suggested timeline for routine screenings. Talk with your health care provider for specific personal guidance. More frequent screenings may be recommended based on your personal health history.


What: Physical Examination
When: Every 2–3 years; discuss with your health care provider.
Why: To screen for diseases; assess risk for future problems; discuss lifestyle habits; and keep vaccinations up to date.

What: Thyroid test
When: Discuss with your health care provider.
Why: To identify an under- or overactive thyroid, both of which are very treatable and either of which can lead to more serious conditions if left untreated.


What: Mammogram
When: Every 1–2 years starting at age 40.
Why: To identify possible early signs of breast cancer.

What: Clinical Breast Exam
When: About every 3 years for women in their 20s and 30s, and every year for women 40 and over.
Why: Not all breast cancers are found on mammograms; a good clinical breast exam can also help identify cancers relatively early.


What: Blood Pressure Screening
When: At least every 2 years in your health care professional’s office.
Why: The only way to identify hypertension is with blood pressure screenings

What: Cholesterol screening
When: Every 5 years starting at age 35. Begin screening at age 20 if you smoke, are obese, have diabetes or high blood pressure or have a family history of heart disease.
Why: Treating cholesterol abnormalities can help reduce your risk of heart disease.

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