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Think about it: Year starts with a “Why” (“Y”)….

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Think about it: Year starts with a “Why” (“Y”)….

2012 could become the Year of The Why: Revisiting the Why-ness of it all….

I am getting a bit reflective during this holiday time. And I try to take matters into hand and assess the situation. I wound up taking a seminar a while back which I really enjoyed with Barbara Sher called “I Could Do Anything, if I Only Knew What it Was.” The exercises in that class were invaluable and I was reminded that just getting “out of my own thinking” might be beneficial, so I signed up for another seminar about “Getting Back to the Basic W’s.”

The seminar leader highly recommended that we read the book called “Start with Why”….you can order it on Amazon and also it comes in a Kindle version format. Knowing why you’re doing what you’re doing will help keep you motivated to stay on course. Having a clear vision statement will also help you motivate anyone else who is working with you or in your life towards a common goal.

We were asking the simple questions that help you refocus, re-energize and reinvigorate your life course. I was grateful to be reminded of the premise of WHY. WHY is key. I have survived the year with Stefano being apart in Italy and finding gainful employment there. He is working over there and tweaked his resume and is flourishing. That was so crucial to our marital sanity. Didn’t think I would make it, but I kept in touch with the reason behind the constructive change. That helped me stay the course, but as I look to the future, and we don’t know when the U.S. economy is going to “come back” in the way it was while he was working for the past ten years here, I am struck with the question of WHY. It is so important to concentrate on that because it will help me determine and justify my actions in the upcoming year.

It was also suggested that if you haven’t written down your goals for the upcoming year yet, do so now. Your goals should be trackable and have set timeframes for when you want to achieve them. Make sure there are both financial goals and non-financial goals in what you write down. Non-financial goals might include spending less time at work, being more mobile, hiring your first employee, outsourcing your task and other important milestones.

I loved the last bit of advice, too: Try to set at least one goal that’s extremely ambitious. Most of your goals should be realistic (within striking distance), but you can still have one or two “shoot for the stars” goals (gotta stretch to get it).

All this may not get my husband to return anytime in the near future, but reminding myself WHY this is all happening gives me a sense of more control over the circumstances and also WHAT needs to be done to prepare myself for the steps that may need to be taken to adapt to the “why-ness.” I want to be even more productive while he is away and figure out my/our next course of action.

Are you getting equally reflective? What’s the all-important “why” behind what you’re doing? Has the reason changed from when you first started? I am coming to grips with that and 2012 will be filled with a lot of different challenges and decisions. Let’s explore the WHY together….drop me a line at [email protected]…. Even if it is just to wish each other a very Happy Holiday season and to remember the reason for the season…Love is all there is in the end. Nothing else matters. Is that ultimately our “WHY”?

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