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Vanessa Bryant Files For Divorce: Tips For Re-Entering The Dating Scene


Vanessa Bryant Files For Divorce: Tips For Re-Entering The Dating Scene

Whether you have children involved or not, divorce is such a serious subject. After years of being in a committed relationship and building a home and/or family with your spouse, the last thing you want to do is walk away from the life that you’ve built. With divorce comes legal woes, family friction and if you’re a celebrity, speculation surrounding the details are sure to follow.

Kobe and Vanessa Bryant are the most recent celebrity couple to call it quits after she allegedly received a heads up from other NBA wives regarding his infidelity. Citing “irreconcilable differences” Vanessa Bryant filed for divorce ending their 10 plus year marriage. After his previous indiscretions, I thought their love could conquer all but apparently not.

National divorce coach Lee Block just launched The Post-Divorce Dating Club -a national site for divorced men and women. She’s outlined great tips for those entering the dating scene after divorce. With these tips, Vanessa will be married in no time.

Tips on Entering the Dating Scene After Divorce

  1. Take it slow.  It’s not a race to find a new mate, and now is the time you can be as choosy as you want!
  2. If you have children, only date when they are at the other parents home.  Cherish the time you have them and use the time you don’t for yourself.
  3. Join some local clubs or places such as  It is sometimes easier to start in a group than one on one.
  4. When joining a dating site, put up a nice picture and profile.  Mention you have children if you have them, but keep it simple!
  5. Don’t talk about your divorce or your ex on first dates.  It is a complete turnoff and you could be running off a really great guy.
  6. Date people who are like-minded like you.  It is easier to date people who are either single parents or re-singled because they come from the same place as you.

Founded by Lee Block, Post-Divorce Dating Club® is the best dating club online for re-singled men and women. It is built around a community of like-minded people that know how difficult divorce is and know how difficult dating post divorce is.

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